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Our Values

We believe in working hard to deliver the best possible service to our customers. We have grown our business by recommendation and reputation and we know that you can only build a good reputation based on what you actually do, and at Betterclean Services we pride ourselves on getting things done and done well.


We aren’t perfect though and we do make mistakes, but we know that our customers judge us on how we respond to those mistakes and how we go about putting things right. That is how we build trust and why customers choose to stay with us year after year. This doesn’t come easily though. Expect to work hard but expect to meet some great people and have some laughs along the way.

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The Front Line

Working As A Cleaner for Betterclean Services

We value every single one of our cleaners as we understand that without them we would not be able to provide a service to our customers.


When we recruit team members who have worked for other cleaning companies (we won’t mention any names) they often complain that they never have cleaning supplies when they need them, and they never get a response from the management team when they need it.


We think differently, we know that our job is to remove obstacles not put them in the way of our cleaners. We provide you will the tools, training and support that you need to do a first rate job that you can take pride in.

Make a Stable Career out of Cleaning


Don’t think for a second that cleaning is a dead-end job. Far from it. We believe strongly about promoting from within our own team and developing our people, there is a clear line of progression through the various job roles.


And commercial cleaning benefits from being a stable, recession resistant business model. In fact, Betterclean Services has grown through both recent economic recessions, so, when other people were being put out of work we were taking people on and promoting members of our team to into new roles. 

Mobile Cleaners | Site Team Leaders | Area Supervisors | Quality Controllers and Contract Managers

What are we like to work for?

Growing The Business


Don’t listen to what we say. Listen to what our team says about working for Betterclean Services.


“Betterclean services are a great company to work for, they are really easy to talk to and I always get paid on time.”

David, Cleaner.


“I used to work for another cleaning company where I had to take my own cleaning bits to work with me, but Betterclean provide everything and our Supervisor makes sure the supplies are well topped up at all times. If I do get low on something, then a quick phone call and it is sorted.”

Debbie, Cleaner.


“One of the things I really enjoy about being a mobile cleaner is the variety. Every day is different and I get to meet lots of new people. The shifts are great too and I can fit my family life around my work.”

Jason, Mobile Cleaner.


“I was dreading going on holiday from work as I was used to come back to a mess, but when I am on holiday from Betterclean the cover cleaners do such a great job that the site is spotless when I get back – it really is a nice return from a holiday”.

Julie, Cleaner.


“My main pleasure is to be working with such a hard-working, committed bunch of people who all genuinely care about doing a good job, I am continually amazed at the energy and drive of the people I work with.”

Simon, Human Resources Manager


“I enjoy getting to know all our cleaners and it’s important to me that they feel they can speak to us about any issues they have whilst working for us.  I love the diversity of the enquiries.’’

Catherine, Support Team


“I have found Betterclean services to be a great company to work for as you are always supported in your role. No question is ever silly, and you are praised for your hard work. I have a great support network.’’

Jenelle, Telemarketer


“I’ve been taught new skills I didn’t have before, whether it’s the application process of the recruitment side or the slightly smaller admin-based duties. My knowledge has been broadened and I only keep on learning, even if it is challenging at times! However, no matter how tough the problem may be, there is always help when I need it. Filling a vacancy with the right person also gives a great feeling of accomplishment.”

Sarah, Support Team

So don’t just sit there, click here to view our current vacancies.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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