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What additional chemicals and equipment are we using?

Windmill Eliminator Max

The Eliminator Max is an Extremely powerful sanitising trigger spray which we use to sanitise and clean all touch points and surfaces. The powerful sanitiser has proven to kill the Norovirus, HIV, Hepatitis C and H1N1 Influenza viruses. Also certified to kill Clostridium difficile, MRSA and common food poisoning bacteria including Salmonella typhimurium, Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli. We have now standardised Eliminator Max in our range.

Windmill Eliminator Max Pressure Sprayer

We use the Eliminator Max Pressure Sprayer as it is one of the most effective ways of applying a sanitiser as it maximises contact time.  This is used after our usual cleaning regime, the sanitiser is sprayed onto all touch points, washroom areas, desks and kitchen areas and left to air-dry, once left for 5 minutes this can then be wiped off with a disposable cloth. This is effective for us to use during deep cleaning as it is a fast and a powerful sanitiser, the pressure sprayer allows good contact time on all surfaces and it is a very thorough way of sanitising targeted areas.

Aerosol Fogger

The Aerosol Fogger is a powerful sanitiser, when triggered a fine atomised spray is released into the atmosphere which cleans in a way no manual cleaning can by sanitising all exposed surfaces. Once the fine mist is released it then settles on all exposed surfaces, it sanitises while being left undisturbed within a minimum of an hour, one aerosol will sanitise a room up to 40 square metres. A room can quickly and easily be sanitised by using the Fogger. As the Fogger is such an efficient sanitiser it can be used with confidence for when there has been an outbreak of an infectious illness, and as a high-level disinfectant it can be used periodically to reduce illness in healthcare, education and offices. By using the Fogger you have the reassurance that all exposed areas are efficiently sanitised and is safe for all surfaces including IT equipment.


We use BICS colour coding system to maintain health and safety and hygiene while cleaning to limit cross contamination during cleaning. 


We have detailed COVID-19 method statements and risk assessments which all of our Cleaning Operatives follow in the case of a suspected outbreak.



Helping with Personal Hygiene

Why is Soap the most effective way of killing Coronavirus on the skin?

Once you touch a surface where the virus is active, the virus will stick to your skin and this is where the virus will easily spread if you touch your eyes, nose or mouth, which is where you may become infected. The most efficient way of killing the virus on the skin is soap and water, soapy water works by dissolving the virus’ fat membrane which makes the virus break down.


Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is the best way to Kill the Coronavirus and to help prevent the virus from spreading. Although hand sanitisers can be an effective method of killing the virus soap and water is the most efficient. 

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