Betterclean Services provide a wide range of cleaning services across the UK.


Our Principles

We pride ourselves in the service we have developed to meet all the needs of our clients.


We always adhere to the following 6 principles




We have a different operational structure to a traditional cleaning company, which is why we can say we genuinely do provide a better cleaning service!



Cleaners are inducted in the specific requirements of your site, trained to BICSc methodologies and receive regular communication from both HR and Quality Control.




Established in 1995, our systems and process have been developed, refined and proven over 20+ years.


Quotes are specific to your requirements with no hidden extras. You don’t have to worry about national insurance, cleaner holidays, absence, equipment or stock.

Maximum Flexibility Around YOUR


We work to your time frame,

day or night.


You can adapt your service requirements quickly and efficiently with no fuss.



We are fully insured and our systems are annually accredited to ISO 9001 quality and 14001 environmental standards.


Our employment lawyer and health and safety consultant ensure we are up to date with the latest legislation.

Always Having



Relax. We always have a back-up plan. Our mobile team can provide emergency cover should a cleaner be off sick or on holiday.


We can also respond in emergencies, from a spillage or flood to impending audit or inspection!

"Your relationship with us is highly valued. Our primary focus is your satisfaction. We have a team of back up cleaners, use the best equipment and cleaning methods, and even offer to train your existing cleaners.


We really have thought through every aspect of contractual cleaning from your point of view"

Dan - Managing Director

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We always adhere to our 6 Principles:


1. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

2. Excellent Cleaners 

3. Exceptional Value for Money

4. Maximum Flexibility Around YOUR Schedule 

5. Protecting You 

6. Always Having A Back Up Plan

Celebrating 25 years
in the Cleaning Industry

Betterclean Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Betterclean is a commercial contract cleaning company with many differences from the usual. We know that you will find in these differences the service partner you have been looking for.