Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask a cleaning company?

When considering a cleaning company there are a number of things you should ask, including: Do you have insurance? Do you provide sickness and holiday cover? Are your staff vetted? Do you follow a colour coding system? To you have an accreditations? What happens if your cleaner doesn’t turn up? Do you monitor the cleaning? Do you supply all cleaning products, equipment, chemicals etc.? Do you supply consumables? Who else do you service in the area?

What does commercial cleaning consist of?

Commercial cleaning is the provision of professional cleaning services to business premises.

What do commercial cleaning providers do different to cleaning yourself?

At home, you might clean or have someone else clean about once a week. However, many businesses need to have daily cleaning services in order to maintain good levels of hygiene. In an office environment, cleaning needs to be frequent because there can be hundreds of people moving around each day. In a work environment there is also multiple people sharing washroom and food preparation areas, all transferring bacteria from themselves onto the surfaces they touch, so it is important that these areas are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Commercial cleaning usually means taking a different approach to cleanliness. Businesses have a duty to keep everything clean for both their customers and their staff.

What services does a commercial cleaning company offer?

The basic is a frequent cleaning service of the premises, but in addition to this a good commercial cleaning company will offer such services as: window cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance, deep cleaning, sanitising, sanitary bin servicing amongst other things.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the provision of professional cleaning services to business and commercial premises. Commercial premises include such things as doctors and dental practices, office premises, schools, public buildings, car showrooms, supermarkets, shops, pubs and restaurants, and many other types of business premises.