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Did you know Commercial Cleaning can reduce sickness in the workplace?

If one of your colleagues comes into work with a germ related illness like a common cold or flu, you’ll notice it spreads across the workplace causing absences. When staff come into work ill it’s not only a danger to other colleagues and clients but it’s a danger to your business. Illness can be spread by cross-contamination, where bacteria is transferred from one area to another or person to person and it’s easy for germs to spread around a workplace if it’s not cleaned thoroughly.

The difference between using your own cleaner in comparison to a commercial cleaning service like ours is that a commercial cleaning service works to the highest cleaning standard to ensure an area is not just clean but hygienically clean too. A commercial cleaning company would also carry out specialised cleaning like annual or quarterly deep cleans, carpet cleaning and hard floor strip and seal to keep your workplace spotless. The places where cross-contamination is most common are door handles, surfaces, kitchen appliances, food, toilets, phones and keyboards. Our service is individually tailored to your requirements and our staff are highly trained, and our cleaning strictly audited to ensure we achieve above and beyond the ISO 9001 quality standard. We use BICS colour coding system to eliminate cross contamination during cleaning and only work with high quality products.

Not only do we get your workplace looking and smelling clean, we kill the bacteria you can’t see, which can protect your employees from contracting illnesses. Therefore, improving productivity in your workplace and increasing your revenue. If you have hired a commercial cleaner for your workplace, then you will already have peace of mind that you and your employees work in a hygienic environment. It’s your priority to make sure your workplace is clean and safe for your employees, clients and customers and to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

If you would like more information on our Commercial Cleaning Services and what we could offer your business, then please call one of our friendly advisers on 0800 772 0810 or visit our Website and fill out our Contact Form.

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