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South Swindon Parish Council

Soel, the Director of Betterclean Services Swindon has had the cleaning contract at the South Swindon Parish Council for 11 months. Betterclean Swindon have been utilising time efficient equipment, chemicals and procedures with skilled labour and auditing procedures. They ensure they are consistent in the level of quality in the services delivered. Soel strongly believes ‘good communication lies at the heart of all successful relationships in every aspect of life. We worked closely with the Parish council to understand the business needs and planned a tailored cleaning solution.’ Currently Betterclean Services are expanding their operations with the Parish Council to ensure future success with all the sites that they will service.

‘We are very happy with our cleaning team from Betterclean Services, particularly as they are always so helpful with ad-hoc requests. The

onsite team do an excellent job backed by Soel whom often visits the site to check on the standard or cleaning, I have made a number of requests to quote for extra work and these have been dealt with in a timely fashion with a detailed, competitive quote. I would certainly recommend Betterclean to other Parish Councils.’ – Parish Clerk, South Swindon Parish Council

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