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Sanitising by Fogging

The Aerosol Fogger is a powerful sanitiser, when triggered a fine atomised spray is released into the atmosphere which cleans in a way no manual cleaning can by sanitising all exposed surfaces. Once the fine mist is released it then settles on all exposed surfaces, it sanitises while being left undisturbed within a minimum of an hour, one aerosol will sanitise a room up to 40 square metres. A room can quickly and easily be sanitised by using the Fogger. As the Fogger is such an efficient sanitiser it can be used with confidence for when there has been an outbreak of an infectious illness like the Norovirus, and as a high-level disinfectant it can be used periodically to reduce illness in healthcare, education and offices. By using the Fogger you have the reassurance that all exposed areas are efficiently sanitised and is safe for all surfaces including IT equipment.

If you would like more information on Fogging and what we could offer your business, then please call one of our friendly advisers on 0800 772 0810.

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