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Robotic Cleaning

Betterclean Services are trialling the use of robot vacuums at one of our schools. The Abbee robots are low noise vacuums which work for 90 minutes, cover up to 1300 square foot, and are suitable for vacuuming carpets and hard floor surfaces. The robotic vacuum ‘Abbee’ comes in the ‘Hive Trolley’ which transports, stores, and charges all 10 Abbees.

These intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners are highly effective, they don’t just pick up the dirt that can be seen by the human eye. Due to the way they are programmed, they will cover every inch of floor space systematically to ensure a thorough clean is achieved. They can work around furniture and are fitted with two rotary brushes that allow them to get into corners and right up to the edge of a cleaning area.

Vacuuming is a laborious essential job and these intelligent robot vacuums are not to replace cleaners. The vacuums work alongside our cleaning teams and allow them more time on detailed work, giving you better value for money while the cleaners have more time for touch point cleaning and sanitising, which is vital during a Public Health crisis.

The Abbee is proven to raise standards of cleanliness and to be cost effective. They ensure a consistent standard of cleaning and vacuum all areas everyday, so the overall standards increase.

To find out more about these intelligent Robot Vacuums and how they could improve the cleanliness of your premises call 0800 772 0810 or email

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