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If you’re Cleaning your Office yourself, why not hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Do you have commercial premises that you are responsible for maintaining and keeping clean? Here at Betterclean Services we have many years experience in commercial cleaning and here are a few reasons why commercial cleaning is more efficient than doing it yourself.

When we clean we use high-quality products and equipment which ensures professional hygiene standards. You may be good at cleaning; however, you will notice the difference from cleaning yourself to our professionally trained cleaners. The cleaning will be more thorough as we will have focused time on cleaning and the products we use are more efficient which will leave your commercial property looking spotless and smelling fresh.

While you’re not spending time cleaning your office, you and your staff are able to focus on your business. You may think that hiring a professional cleaner isn’t cost effective but if you are currently

taking time out of your working day to clean your office then you will be saving money in the long run, as the productivity in your office will increase.

When you hire a professional service you can rely on us as we focus on having great attention to detail, expert training and regular audits. We ensure all client-facing areas are immaculately presented every day. Whether you require cleaning daily, every other day or weekly, we can fit around your schedule. Cleaning can be carried out 24/7 and our service is individually tailored to your requirements. There is always a trained Betterclean Services cleaner on hand, even in the event of sickness or holiday our experienced mobile support team will make sure you never miss a clean.

If you are interested in leaving the cleaning to the professionals please call us today to talk to one of our friendly advisers on 0800 772 0810 or visit our website and fill out a contact form.

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